AW13 Smart Watch with Stainless Steel Chain Strap | 44mm | Black | Silver | Gold

  • Steel craft
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Health assistant
  • HD smoothness
  • Sports pedometer
  • Long battery life

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fitness tracker aw13

HD color screen full circle full touch

— Full-screen touch, experience the smoothness of free control-

HD gorgeous display, giving each image fine quality, bringing a new visual

enjoyment, high-definition large screen, giving you a larger and clearer experience, the picture is clear and smooth, the Fashionable and cool without losing vitality.

fitness tracker aw13

316 pure stainless steel body Exquisite handcrafted production

Precision crafted, the body is made of 316 pure stainless steel

Rui watch exquisitely handcrafted production,blend of modern aesthetics Create a subtle design appearance, more durable

fitness tracker aw13

Side buttons for faster operation

Three buttons on the side of the watch to prevent accidental touching and dedicated function operation Quicker

fitness tracker aw13

Rotate the buttons to easily control the interface

Simplify the tedious operation and make the interaction simple and natural

Every rotation fits the deep vibration feedback making your feeling improve by leaps and bounds.


fitness tracker aw13

Caller information alert

So you don’t miss out on any information Vibrate to alert you whenever a notification appears on your phone You can see what’s going on even when you’re in motion

fitness tracker aw13

IP68 Deep waterproof watch

24-hour heart rate  monitoring

Deep Breathing Guide

fitness tracker aw13

Sleep monitoring

Monitor your sleep quality and sleep status at any time to help you build a healthier life.

fitness tracker aw13

8 sport modes

Whether you walk on your way from work, go for a walk, run, bike, jump rope, or choose badminton, basketball, soccer, swimming, a variety of common sports modes to take your workout to the next level, so that exercise is no longer monotonous and boring. Provide a number of exercise data, steps, calories, exercise miles, etc., to help you become a better version of yourself.

fitness tracker aw13

Specialized exercise model Scientific monitoring of sports

Provide a variety of exercise modes to choose from, provide more scientific guidance for your exercise, and arrange exercise time and exercise plan reasonably

fitness tracker aw13

Exquisite dial

The low-power processor makes the screen display more energy-efficient, flip your wrist to light up the watch screen; more optional exquisite dials, cohesive ingenuity, both mechanical watch hands dial and creative and dynamic dial. More choices, more freedom, more matching.

fitness tracker aw13

APP operation

Download the watch exclusive APP, record data such as heart rate steps through the watch’s monitoring function, generate all-day reports, and easily operate and analyze the data to give better proposals.

fitness tracker aw13

Music Control

When the watch is connected to your phone, you can control music play/pause, previous/next song, and volume adjustment directly from the watch.

fitness tracker aw13
fitness tracker aw13

Size Display

fitness tracker aw13

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