Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic R890 | Black


  • Brand: Samsung Galaxy
  • Model:  Watch 4 Classic R890
  • CPU: Dual-Core 1.18 GHz Cortex-A55
  • GPU:  Mali-G68
  • Internal: 16GB
  • RAM:5GB

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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 R900, a sophisticated and innovative timepiece that combines style, durability, and advanced technology to elevate your everyday life. With its high-quality materials and cutting-edge features, this smartwatch is designed to complement your unique lifestyle while providing you with a seamless and connected experience.

Crafted with a durable glass front featuring Gorilla Glass DX, the Galaxy Watch 5 R900 offers exceptional protection against scratches and daily wear. Its stainless steel frame, made of 316L stainless steel, exudes a sense of timeless elegance, while the option for a titanium frame adds an extra touch of sophistication for those who seek a premium feel. Whichever option you choose, the watch is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it a reliable companion for any occasion.

Health and wellness take center stage with the Galaxy Watch 5 R900. Equipped with a blood pressure monitor, this watch empowers you to keep a close eye on your cardiovascular health, providing you with vital insights and personalized feedback to make informed decisions about your well-being. Combined with heart rate monitoring, accelerometer, gyro, barometer, and Natural language commands and dictation sensors, this watch becomes a comprehensive health tracker that helps you stay on top of your fitness goals and daily activities.

In addition to its impressive health features, the Galaxy Watch 5 R900 offers convenient Qi wireless charging, making it effortless to recharge your watch without the hassle of cables and connectors. Simply place the watch on a compatible charging pad, and it will power up efficiently, ensuring that you’re always ready to take on the day.

Customization is at your fingertips with the Galaxy Watch 5 R900, as it is compatible with standard 20mm straps. Express your personal style and switch between various straps to match your outfit or mood effortlessly, making the watch an extension of your individuality.