Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm R910 | Black, Silver and Saphire Blue

  • Brand: Samsung Galaxy
  • Model: Watch 5 R910
  • CPU: Dual-core Exynos W920
  • Internal Storage: 16GB
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • Battery: 410 mAh
  • Stylish design for any occasion
  • Advanced health sensors: ECG, optical heart rate, and bioelectrical impedance analysis.

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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 R920, a powerful and advanced smartwatch that is designed to take your health and wellness monitoring to new heights. Equipped with the potent 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive sensor, this watch efficiently controls three essential health sensors, including an electrical heart sensor (ECG), an optical heart rate sensor, and a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensor.

With this remarkable BioActive sensor, you can keep track of various health metrics with ease. From monitoring your heart rate and rhythm for any irregularities in real-time with ECG tracking to measuring your body composition, including skeletal muscle weight and body fat percentage through BIA, this watch empowers you to stay on top of your health journey. Every data point you need to assess and monitor your progress towards becoming a better version of yourself is now right at your fingertips.

The real-time ECG tracking feature is particularly noteworthy, as it allows you to maintain a rhythm with your heart and detect any potential heart-related issues promptly. This can be invaluable for individuals with specific health concerns or those striving for optimal cardiovascular well-being.

Beyond its impressive health features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 R920 offers enhanced convenience and performance. With a charging time of approximately 30 minutes to reach 45% battery, you can get up and running quickly, ensuring you’re always ready for your day’s adventures. The larger battery capacity ensures that you have ample power to support your activities without constant worries about recharging.

Not only is the Galaxy Watch 5 R920 a powerhouse of health and fitness tracking, but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design that complements any occasion. The crisp display makes interactions and notifications a pleasure, while its intuitive user interface ensures a seamless experience.


Black, Silver, Saphire Blue