Introducing Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro Neo Grey


  • Removable wrist strap for customizable style and comfort.
  • Powerful 390mAh battery for extended usage.
  • Large 4.4cm (1.75″) touchscreen with 320*385 pixels resolution.
  • Adjustable length of 150-215mm for a perfect fit.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless and efficient connections.
  • Easily monitor fitness and health data on the go.
  • Stay connected and in control throughout your day.

Introducing the realme Watch 2 Pro, a sophisticated and high-performance smartwatch designed to elevate your fitness journey and keep you connected on the go. With its impressive features and sleek design, this smartwatch is the perfect accessory for active individuals who seek both style and functionality in one device. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a sports lover, or someone who values real-time health monitoring, the realme Watch 2 Pro is equipped to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The realme Watch 2 Pro boasts an extra-large 4.4cm (1.75″) touchscreen display that provides a clear and vivid view, even under direct sunlight. Its large size prevents accidental touches, ensuring a smooth and effortless navigation experience. Plus, with realme’s high-precision dual-satellite GPS sensor, you can access precise route information, track your steps, and monitor your various activities with accuracy. From jogging and cycling to hiking and more, this smartwatch allows you to optimize your outdoor adventures and get comprehensive insights into your fitness performance.

With an impressive array of 90 sports modes, the realme Watch 2 Pro caters to a wide range of fitness activities. It accurately tracks your workouts, including distance covered, calories burned, and workout duration, providing you with valuable metrics to enhance your training routines. Additionally, this smartwatch features a blood oxygen sensor that keeps a close watch on your blood oxygen levels, enabling you to proactively manage your health and well-being. Furthermore, the real-time heart rate monitor, powered by an advanced PPG sensor, offers continuous heart rate tracking, empowering you to gauge your exercise intensity and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Designed for convenience and reliability, the realme Watch 2 Pro impresses with its long-lasting 390mAh battery, which enables an uninterrupted usage of up to 14 days on a single charge. Say goodbye to frequent charging and embrace the freedom of focusing on your activities without battery worries. To match your personal style, this smartwatch offers over 100 stylish watch faces to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic look or a vibrant design, you can effortlessly customize the watch to suit your outfit and mood.

The realme Watch 2 Pro seamlessly integrates with your smartphone through the realme Link app, offering access to your workout history, customization of watch settings, and easy synchronization of data. Stay connected with smart notifications, where you can effortlessly view messages and updates by raising your wrist, eliminating the need to check your phone constantly. Furthermore, the realme Watch 2 Pro serves as your on-wrist control center, allowing you to command your phone, play music, take photos, and perform various tasks without reaching for your smartphone.