Watch 9 Tag Edition Smartwatch


Color: Black, white Gray

HD Display

High Speed Operating System

Smooth Without Delay

Heart Rate Monitor

Blood Oxygen Checker


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The WS-A9 Max Smartwatch is not just an ordinary timepiece; it’s a transformative device that seamlessly integrates technology into your daily life. With its sleek and sophisticated design, this smartwatch exudes elegance while packing a punch of cutting-edge features that will revolutionize the way you interact with the world.

The WS-A9 Max boasts a vibrant and crystal-clear high-definition display that brings your notifications, messages, and applications to life with stunning clarity. Its intuitive touchscreen interface allows for effortless navigation, ensuring that every interaction is smooth and seamless.

Stay connected wherever you go with the WS-A9 Max’s advanced connectivity options. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can effortlessly sync your smartwatch with your smartphone, allowing you to receive calls, messages, and social media notifications directly on your wrist. No need to constantly check your phone – the WS-A9 Max keeps you informed and connected at all times.

But the WS-A9 Max is not just about staying connected; it’s also your personal fitness companion. Equipped with a precise heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep tracker, this smartwatch helps you stay on top of your health goals. Set targets, track your progress, and receive real-time insights right on your wrist. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or simply looking to improve your well-being, the WS-A9 Max has got you covered.

Embrace the world of augmented reality (AR) with the WS-A9 Max’s immersive capabilities. Discover a whole new dimension of entertainment and productivity as you overlay digital information onto the real world. From interactive gaming experiences to step-by-step AR-guided instructions, the possibilities are endless with the WS-A9 Max.

Customization is key, and the WS-A9 Max understands that. Choose from a wide range of watch faces to match your mood, style, or occasion. Express your individuality and make a statement with a smartwatch that reflects your unique personality.